With experts with more than 25 years of experience, we advise, organize and deliver goods anywhere in the world for more than 10 years. We specialize in the local and international transport organization of both conventional goods and special technological elements that require special treatment and control. Our transport organization with more than 1,200 containers each year includes all water, air, rail and road links from the point of take over to the point of delivery across Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Canada, Russia and America.


In addition to transport organization, we specialize in the transportation and organization of local and international documentation of specific, more demanding technologies, which are of a sensitive nature due to their valuable technological and its advanced composition.
Technologically advanced assemblies are dealt separately since they have never been present at many destinations, making customs and other documentation more demanding.
We organize a special contracts, insurances and full implementation protocols for this purposes, by manufacturers and project owners demands.


In addition to organizing general transport, specializing in the organization of technologically advanced projects and technologies, we have also specialized in organizing and assisting in the implementation of the project at the local level.
Insofar if the need and the requirement of the client, we organize a special group in the form of an executive team in which we include a specialized work force, engineers, implementers, accommodation and food, all in accordance with local legislation and with the supervision of the client.


We specialize in the connection between local-clients engineers and experts at the manufacturer for the proper execution of engineering plans, successful implementation of the project in accordance with the local legislation and wishes of the client.
We offer specialized support at the highest technological level with understanding of local and language barriers, legal or other requirements and knowledge of technology.


Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!

In accordance with fair trade standards, we declare that we protect the principle of trade secrets. Therefore, for some projects we publish scarce information or, in case of development activities, we do not publish any information in any form.
At the development stage of a product or a project, all information to third parties is confidential until the supervisory authority and the project participants decide otherwise.

We invest our energy and resources into technologies that characterize practical and evolutionary progress
for mankind or help people to a faster personal growth, development or enhancement of positive energy,
consciousness and confidence in a better future for mankind. We also support new and innovative projects
for progress and growth of families and individuals that need help. This includes helping the growth of local

  • We don’t support the advance of exploitation of any form.
  • We don’t support the development of any type, form or means that interfere with the natural development of the planet Earth and its populace.
  • We don’t support development of new weapons or devices that improve military techniques or equipment, new possibilities for advancement in the military use of energies or psychological technologies for the purpose of subjection in any form.

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